“Your profit margins are my opportunity” – Jeff Bezos

The true costs of sending funds in and out of Brazil

Mainstream banks are the most expensive way to transfer money in and out of Brazil with total costs reaching anywhere from 6% – 9% of the total amount being transferred.

The big mainstream banks are not only the most expensive but they are also the most inefficient way for sending money.

Even as its base rate decreases Brazil still has some of the highest interest rates in the world providing constant incentive for the retail banks to hold your funds for as long as possible generating daily income on the “overnight float”.  So it’s no accident that your money takes a long time to finally arrive at it’s destination.

We are focused on getting the best rates for our clients.

Camber International has special contractual arrangements with several câmbio banks here in Brazil.  These banks have no brick & mortar operations which allows them to perform with much lower margins.

We’re able to reduce câmbio costs by 30% of what you are currently being charged by either your bank or your corretor.

We work with both pessoa física and jurídica.

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